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Get the most out
of your events.

Bekin is a networking app that uniquely assesses you and your goals to find your perfect networking opportunities.

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Bekin — Networking made

Bekin is a networking app that connects users with people they'll love, makes breaking the ice smooth,
and gets them in face-to-face conversations that are so good they'll forget about their phone.

Designed for professionals attending events and conferences,
it's a new way to make the right connections.


Contact Management

Bekin provides you with a detailed record of every connection you discover.

Analytics Dashboard

Access useful information about networking activity at your event.

Enhanced Networking

Our algorithm pairs people with similar interests and networking goals.


You can fully customize which interests and business objectives attendees can choose from at your event.

In-App Messaging

In-app messaging allows users to quickly find each other at a busy event.

White Label Branding

We can customize Bekin with your event branding — or even fully integrate with your existing event app.

Who we've worked with

Georgia Tech
Atlanta Ventures
Circle of Firms

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